Why Should Not Put Phone In Our Pocket

Many people carry their cell phones in their pockets for ease of movement with them, but this behavior may be considered wrong and it is better to avoid it in order to avoid injury to health damage.

According to what a doctor said, carrying the phone in the pocket may be unhealthy and may affect the human reproductive system.

Why shouldn't you put a mobile phone in a pocket?

He explained that there are many studies conducted on this matter, but their results were contradictory, and accurate and convincing data were not obtained.

The doctor pointed out that one of the theories says that the human body is an electromagnetic device such as the phone, And every cell in the course of its life creates an electromagnetic field around itself, and when one field interacts with another, this can distort the basic profile, and thus may affect biochemical processes.

He added that despite this, a large number of studies have been conducted on the effect of electromagnetic fields on humans, which varied in their results, with some indicating this effect is not always present, while others indicated that if it exists, it is not always negative.

He ended his speech by saying that it is safest to avoid a situation mobile In the pocket, as the general advice is still in effect, everyone should reduce their body contact time.

Things that the mobile phone should not be placed near

In another context, another expert revealed earlier that there are many things that the mobile phone should not be placed next to, as it is dangerous to do this for several reasons. 

For example, he explained, one should never place a phone on top of another, as this would greatly increase the radio signals at certain points, which was not useful to people nearby.

The expert also warned against placing the mobile phone next to the bank cards, because this leads to a decrease in their efficiency and duration of work due to the wireless radiation emanating from the device.

He also advised not to put the phone in a bag containing cosmetics, pointing out that in most cases these bags are closed by magnets, which may affect the mobile phone's signal and communications.

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