What Makes Someone Right Or Left


It's the same reason why some people's eyes are brown and others blue, as the Human Genome Project supports the theory that one gene is responsible for our preferring one hand over the other and using it in our daily life.

It is worth noting that one in ten people are left-handed, and the number of left-handed males outnumbered the left-handed females by 1.2 to 1.

And being left-handed implies a preference to use the left hand In writing, pointing, throwing, and holding objects, that is, in short, your preference for using the left hand in all your daily activities, as well as the left foot is used to kick and start running, walking and cycling.

It is strange that when the left side of the body is preferred in daily activities, it also means the right side of the brain dominates, “where the right side of the brain dominates the left side of the body,” and left-handers may also have a dominant left eye which they use when shooting with the camera And telescopes and microscopes.

The role of the brain in preference for one hand

Our brains are asymmetrically designed which means that both the left and right sides are responsible for different things, as the right hemisphere controls most emotional and creative functions, while the left hemisphere manages many thinking skills such as speech and writing.

Functions of the right hemisphere

  • Left-hand control
  • 3D visualization
  • Musical awareness and skills
  • Insight and intuition
  • Imagination
  • Awareness of art and beauty

The functions of the left hemisphere of the brain

  • Right-hand control
  • Skills in arithmetic and logic
  • Creative writing skills
  • Mathematics and Science
  • The language
  • Logical analytical thinking

As our right hand is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere controls the left hand, and perhaps this is the reason why left-handed people are more creative than people who use the right hand. ”Perhaps because the right hemisphere is responsible for controlling the left hand as well. He is responsible for all creative and emotional functions. "

In the past there wasn't much sympathy for users left hand at times, parents and teachers went to great lengths to force hard-core children to write with the right hand, leading to rebellion, frustration, stuttering, dyslexia, and school dislikes for many hard-core children.

But it seems that we are more enlightened about the use of the left hand these days, as most parents allow their children to use the hand they are comfortable in, even left-handed people have their special day which is the 13th of August of every year where they can celebrate being a few in society.

The world is built for right-handed people

What you may not be aware of if you are not left-handed is that most tools, utensils, and office equipment are made for right-handed people, for example

  • Pants only have one back pocket and it is always on the right side.
  • The piano keys are arranged so that the right-hand plays the melody and the left-hand plays accompanying the right.
  • The camera shutter buttons are also located on the right.
  • The most commonly used keys on a computer such as enter, backspace, and arrows for the numeric keypad are all on the right.


Outstanding creativity, genius, and career success have been linked to hardship. There are long lists of celebrities, especially in the arts and sciences, among them Julius Caesar, Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll, and many others, an equally impressive list of right-handed geniuses, so none There is certainly no real advantage or disadvantage to being left-handed.

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