What Life Is Going To be Like Without Internet

Life_without_net_it will be easier or more difficult, the hashtag spread on Twitter and several site visitors began interacting with it and tweeting their opinions on the topic.

Since the beginning, The advent of the Internet And the shape of the world has changed and there is an ease in communication between individuals and obtaining information faster than before, in addition to the availability of various means of entertainment such as movies, series, and games and the speed of knowing the news as soon as it occurs, there is no doubt that the Internet has many benefits and without it, the world will differ and go for the better in some aspects and for the worse. In other aspects.

But what would life be like if the internet disappeared?

In the beginning, it must be known that the Internet started as an idea only 60 years ago and continued to develop until it appeared in the early nineties of the last century, and the network was commercialized in 1995 and all restrictions were removed to become available to all users.

1- Return to reading books:

We are accustomed to fast reading on the Internet and providing easy information. The general feature of younger generations is superficial, unlike before the advent of the Internet.

2- Save time:

The new generation takes more time on social networks between chatting and browsing for different pages.

3- Returning contact and seeing friends and family:

Although the Internet facilitated communication faster, it became limited to writing messages via WhatsApp and Facebook, and family gathering dwindled and became limited to occasions.

4- Practicing hobbies:

Life without the internet will save more time for returning to sports activities and breathing air instead of lying on the sofa and browsing through a mobile phone.

5- Weight maintenance:

Spending a large number of hours in front of screens and mobile phones lead to weight gain as a result of eating while browsing and not focusing on the amounts consumed by users.

On the other hand, there are multiple drawbacks that will occur when the Internet networks disappear, including:

1- High telecom prices:

One of the advantages that citizens felt was communicating with others who were thousands of miles apart at no cost at all, which was before the advent of the Internet, incurring more money and sending messages using primitive means that take many days, such as mail.

2- Losing a lot of their jobs:

The emergence of the Internet created more jobs in various fields and companies began to rely on promoting their business on the Internet.

3- Difficulty traveling and moving within the same country:

Thanks to the Internet and the availability of mapping software, it became possible to make trips outside your country with ease, unlike life before the 1990s.

4- Learning difficulty:

The internet provides many Sites for education In all areas, which are sometimes available at no cost and available free of charge to users.

5- Influenced by large technological industries :

Such as the mobile phone and laptop industry, which will also be reflected in some companies that work in these areas and are listed on local and international stock exchanges, which may lead to a major economic imbalance.

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