Life After Death - Dead Man Returned And Narrates What He Saw

Social media leaders traded news that he believed he saw his own funeral in an experiment AfterlifeAfter complications that led to his clinical death during surgery, the man who died temporarily had a near-death experience described as surrealism and it is believed that his presence in it became like a ghost observing his funeral.

A person named Thomas died clinically after complications during surgery while he was temporarily dead before resuscitating his heart. Thomas had strange visions that he thought were living in the afterlife and I think he became a Ghostly character No one can see him in it.

"The lights turned on and the operating room was empty," Thomas said in his book to the Near-Death Research Foundation.

He continued: "I landed on the grass and found myself in a cemetery named after her, Willamette National in Portland, Oregon, and I wore a hospital gown, and I did not understand why no one saw me. I started walking to one of the shelters where funerals for veterans were held, and I noticed that a large gathering was taking place and I walked and saw my wife and daughter crying. ".

He went on to say, "I started to panic because I realized it was my funeral and tried to attract their attention, but there was no sound. It was only absolute silence. Then everything returned to darkness and this time I could see from a different angle. I saw my parents arguing in a room that had concrete blocks on the walls painted in color." White and I could not hear exactly what was being said, but it was as if I was in my mother's womb. "

He refrained from telling part of his story about various scenes that were presented to him and that seemed to continue forever.

In the end, Thomas said, "He felt dizzy and lost consciousness, and when he woke up in a chair and there was a woman in a nurse's uniform in a dark blue jacket standing in a dark room and she started talking to me but her mouth did not move and she told me that I was brought back to life because the time had not yet come ."

Thomas suddenly returns to his body but is now convinced of the existence of another life. However, scholars are not completely sure and believe that visions like Thomas's novel are natural phenomena.

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