Here Are Some Important Tips When Refueling Your Car

Car fuel filling is essential that Take care of her I drive cars often daily and before going anywhere, however, be careful Some things are when filling the car at the gas station, some of them are very dangerous and should be handled very carefully.

Refueling in the early hours of the day

Where the temperature is at its lowest, station tanks Fuel Underground, and the lower the ground temperature, the higher the density of the fuel, so if you buy fuel in the afternoon or evening, the liter you buy is not full.

Watch out for the fuel pump speeds

When packing does not press The hand of the pump is on the maximum speed, you will notice that there are three degrees of pumping speed in the hand of the pump: slow, medium, and fast, by filling at the slow speed you reduce the vapors that form during pumping.

Tank condition when packing

a burden Your fuel tank It is half empty, the fuel evaporates quickly and the less air there is in the fuel tank, the less fuel is evaporated.

Do not fill your car with fuel in this case

If there is a fuel tanker unloading its cargo at the station from which you intend to fill it, do not fill it at the same time, because the process of emptying the tanker into the tanks of the earth station will cause the dirt deposited at the bottom of the tank to stir and enter some of it into the tank of your car, which may cause damage to it.

Avoid running the car engine while filling up

Because the chemical emissions that evaporate from the tank during its filling are flammable with the operation of the car engine.

Smoking at the gas station 

Simple but dangerous advice, you should completely abstain from smoking, due to the risk of chemical emissions and their flammability with cigarettes.

Not using the phone

The frequencies emitted by the mobile phone have a negative effect on the fuel pumps, which may cause it to ignite as well.

Stay away from outside containers

Avoid filling fuel in external containers, and placing them in the trunk of the car, which may lead to the interaction of these containers with chemicals in the fuel, and in other cases, the car is exposed to collision from the back, which may lead to ignition of the fuel.

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