This Is The Reasons Why You Shouldn't Leave Unnecessary Items In Your Car

Car owners spend their vacations in the summer and carry a lot of things and bags with them in the luggage compartment, but after the vacation has passed not many of them remove extra items from the car.

Some forget or are lazy to clear unnecessary luggage from their car but it appears that is It may negatively affect the car in several aspects, including consumption and safety.

Dangers of not unloading the car of heavy objects

And the German Technical Inspection Authority recommends that the car be removed from all excess items Which are not needed after spending the summer holidays because this enhances safety and reduces fuel consumption.

The German Technical Inspection Authority also stressed the need to get rid of the luggage compartment hanging on the car as soon as possible because it increases air resistance and thus increases fuel consumption and is always dangerous if it tilts to one side while carrying a heavyweight, which affects the balance of the vehicle during Leadership.

Research has revealed that the luggage compartment can increase fuel consumption by up to two liters per 100 kilometers.

While the experts gave an example to clarify the idea of ​​reducing weights, as reducing 100 kg of car volume can reduce fuel consumption by about half a liter per 100 kilometers.

In the same context, auto experts revealed some Methods Which must be relied upon during the arrangement of luggage and storing it in the car before traveling to avoid the occurrence of sudden accidents that may be caused by the random arrangement of some luggage.

The German automobile expert, Juergen his daughter, revealed that storing luggage in the car properly is a necessity and not a matter of choice, especially if the driver wants to preserve his safety and those with him in the largest possible way.  

Safe arrangement method

The German expert spoke about The most important steps for arranging bags Especially the heavy ones in the luggage compartment of the car and that he must choose the heaviest ones to be placed in the back of the rear seats.

Also, attaching bags and luggage to a net or seat belt will prevent them from slipping or being scattered inside the luggage compartment in the event of exposure to air bumps or during sudden pressure on the brakes as well as in the case of maneuvers.

Protection systems

The German expert stated that there are protection systems that can be installed in some cars whose luggage compartment can be accessed through the rear seats.

The safety system protects the bags from the risk of flying out, injuring the driver, or breaking the valuable luggage.

Provided that the security system matches your vehicle

But there is a condition that you must provide in your car to suit the safety system, and that the height of objects and bags should not exceed the level of the rear seats of the car.

Best for small items

And the German expert moved to talk about how to store small items such as keys, cell phones, and others.

The storage drawers in the front cabin or the center console between the seats are the safest and best place to store this luggage.

Do not ignore the first aid kit and warning triangle 

Some remove the first aid bag or warning triangle from the luggage compartment to provide space for storage, which is considered by automotive experts to be a mistake that may threaten the lives of the car driver and passengers as well.

The warning triangle is used in the event of a sudden failure of the vehicle to warn the oncoming vehicles of the presence of a parked vehicle in this place.

The warning triangle saves a lot of cars and lives because of its reflective nature of the headlights of the car, which is very fruitful and makes the cars move away from the lane in the broken car.

As for the first aid kit, it helps those who have had a minor accident until reaching the hospital.

Do not travel without rest 

Doctors have warned of the danger of driving for long hours without adequate rest This is due to its negative effects on the health of the car driver.

The German Automobile Club consulted doctors about long car trips and came to a recommendation to take adequate rest if the trip lasted for long hours.

Suggestions for the safety of the driver and passengers

The German Automobile Club suggested that the driver set aside a quarter-hour break between every two hours of driving.

Experts also advised taking care of children or pets, which travel long distances without getting rest is very stressful for them.

Useful food and drinks

Doctors also note that it is essential to consume vegetables, fruits, and non-sugar-sweetened beverages on long trips.

These foods and drinks contribute to a relaxing body feeling compared to soft drinks or sugar-sweetened drinks.

And the doctors demanded that the car driver avoid eating food or drink while he is walking in the vehicle, especially since this distracts him slightly from the road and may cause serious accidents, especially on highways.

Tips for your safety during long trips

There are other tips for your safety on the road, especially on long trips:

  • Measuring tire pressure before moving on the road to ensure its validity, especially since tire damage may lead to many accidents.
  • Checking engine oil and fluids and ensuring they are at the safety indicator to ensure malfunctions or overheating of the engine during the trip.
  •  Check on the condition of the battery, especially if the flight will include many stops.
  • Ensure the viability of the headlights and taillights, which are the most important elements of the car and should not be overlooked, as they protect motorists from accidents.
  • Choosing the right time for the trip greatly simplifies the task and gives a greater sense of safety on the road.
  • Taking a sufficient rest before starting the trip, which is very important to be the driver of the car in his best condition while driving, especially which will make reactions always fast and timely

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