The World's Shortest IQ Test Consists Of Only Three Questions: Let See If You Can Answer Them

Invented by Professor Shane Frederick of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shorter test to determine the level of intelligence (IQ), which contains only three questions, according to published by the British newspaper The Mirror.

The newspaper confirmed in its report that the test was developed in 2015 to define cognitive abilities, but it has now been published on the World wide web That is, five years after its introduction.

The questions included in the test, the racket and tennis ball Their value together is equal to $ 1.10. The bat is one dollar more expensive than the ball. How much is the ball worth ?, The second question consists of five machines in a textile factory that produce five things within five minutes. How many minutes does it take 100 machines to produce 100 things?

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The third question from the test came as follows: They grow in a lake of water lilies, every day their number doubles, it is known that these lilies can cover the surface of the lake within 48 days, how many days do the lilies need to cover half of the lake surface?

The professor conducted an experiment in which three thousand people from different fields and different levels of education participated, and 17% of them were able to give a correct answer to these questions.

 The professor points out that the test at first glance seems easy and easy to understand after clarification, but for the correct answer, the answer that comes to mind first must be abandoned.

Common answers to these questions are 10 cents, 100 minutes, and 24 days, respectively, but these answers are incorrect because the correct answers are 5 cents, 5 minutes, and 47 days.

If 5 machines in a textile factory produce 5 pieces in 5 minutes, then that means that each machine takes 5 minutes to produce one piece, and if we have 100 machines working together, they will produce 100 pieces in 5 minutes as well.

If the number of lilies doubles, that is, every day is twice the previous day, and every previous day is half the current day, meaning that the lilies will cover half of the lake's surface on day 47.

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