The Most Expensive Pigeon Flies To China Again After Being Sold For $ 1.8 Million

After displaying the pigeon, which achieved a record as the fastest pigeon to date, in an online auction that lasted for a whole day, it was sold to a Chinese buyer at a record price of 1.6 million euros, equivalent to 1.8 million dollars.

The pigeon is of Belgian origin and was called Nim Kim. She previously lived in Perlar in the Antwerp region, and to keep the pigeon from theft, it was detained in an unknown location and under the supervision of a private security company until the auction was organized by the Pigeon Parade specialized platform ends. 

The founder and general manager of the platform, Nicholas Giselbrecht, said that the price at which the homing pigeon was sold is a world record and that there is no officially documented sale that achieves this price before today. 

He continued: "I did not think that it would be possible to reach this amount and expected that the Chinese buyer would undoubtedly wish to marry the female he bought with males, especially since this female belongs to a prestigious breed."

And gained coming pigeon The European elite has become increasingly popular all over the world in recent years, and in China in particular, where pigeon sport can achieve huge gains, and the interest in buying from the wealthy in Asia and the Gulf countries has led to a rise in pigeon prices.

The pigeon was named Nick Kim, with outstretched eyes and wings, and became famous Social media Dozens tweeted around.

Wild pigeons

 It is one of the most expensive species and includes many species, the most prominent of which is a pigeon called Victoria, and its size is usually larger than the normal size and lives in Papua Guinea and does not spread much because it does not reproduce significantly as it spawns only once or twice a year.

And wild pigeons marry two years after their birth and feed on grains, seeds, and ground fruits. This dove prefers cold weather and lives in high places.

Bathroom decorations

 It is considered one of the most expensive species and the most expensive of these species is called the Abu Fouta bath or the towel.

Turkish bath 

One of the expensive species that is distinguished by its long beak and has feathers on its feet, and the colors of this type of pigeon are blue, yellow, and lemon red, and England is the original home of this type of pigeon.

There are many types of pigeons, including food, aviation, and hobby, and types of pigeons used in Aviation For amateurs, the types of Ghazar, Shami, and throws, from the shots al-Karakili, the throwing, the correspondence, the Zaz, the Badrank, the al-Arfali, the Zinki, the Ghazar Rahani, the Qutati, the Anbri Kishk, and the Shawam al-Absi, the Lobster and the Sqlbaz, and all of these branches branched out from many other types.

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