The Concept Of Singles' Day And How Did The Social Media Pioneers Celebrate It

International_ Singles Day, or as it is called in Chinese, Gwangwon Ji, is a holiday in China and is the largest day of online shopping in the world.

Social media users shared a hashtag for laughing and entertainment, and dozens of tweets from singles were published today.

The most prominent of the users' tweets: “O Control, with all the glory and pride, record their imagination,” while another tweeted: “I would like to say, and all of you, say with me and repeat with pride, I will say because I am an angel and the angel is difficult to possess.”

A Yemeni person participated in the hashtag and tweeted: "On International Day of Singles, neither Sally's single nor married man is comfortable."

 Singles Day

Singles Day It is celebrated annually on November 11 because the date of 11/11 represents four individuals or four singles lining up together as the celebration among students of Nanjing University of China began in 1993 as a kind of anti-Valentine's Day. 

It was also said that the reason was four people who discussed how they could get away from the monotony of not having another important person in their lives? They agreed that November 11th will be a day of celebrations in honor of their being single.

Then the Chinese media reported this day and started covering everything related to singles, and today it has spread to all countries of the world.

Online shopping

Singles' Day has become the world's largest online and offline shopping event with the goal of emphasizing the Happiness of bachelorsAlthough there is no life partner.

The Chinese retailer "Alibaba" said in a press statement that Singles' Day sales exceeded $ 30 billion, heading for a record high.

The purpose of Singles' Day was to hold many parties for a lonely gathering, but the holiday was celebrated in the beginning only by young people, hence the first name "Singles Day".

But it has expanded with time and is now celebrated on a massive scale by both genders and blind date parties are popular on this day, in an effort to change the celibacy of the participants.

Some universities organize special programs to bring singles together to celebrate for fear of bachelors adopting disturbing or self-deprecating behavior in response to being alone as a university student, but the university's initiatives helped curb that negativity.

Regardless of that this date aims to celebrate loneliness only that desire to find a Spouse or partner Often it is voiced by Chinese youth on this date, while other issues related to love are discussed in Chinese media.

How to Be Single

The film discusses the idea that some people think there is a right way to be celibate in New York City full of single-hearted people seeking to find a suitable partner for them, whether this relationship is based on love or just friendly encounters.

Between all the relationships, the film talks about the fact that the only ones must learn to be single properly.

The film is discussed in the framework of a comic produced in the United States and released in 2016, directed by Christina Detti and written by Liz Tokelo and starring Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, and Leslie Mann.

A Single Man

The film is presented in a dramatic framework that was produced in the United States and released in 2009, directed by Tom Ford and starring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode, and Nicholas Holt.

The film came as an embodiment of the novel One Man to discuss the idea of ​​celibacy by the writer Christopher Isherwood, and the hero of the film, Colin Firth, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the role of George Falconer.

Eat Pray Love

The American film romantically discusses the life of the heroine who left an affair and turned into a single life released in 2010, adapted from the memoir of the same title by the American writer Elizabeth Gilbert, which was published in 2006 about a woman’s journey around the world, blogging everything she saw on her journey.

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